Media - Sponsorship Kits

An effective solution to getting your information to brands/marketers and PR professionals will be to have an online media kit. This means your media kit should be published to your blog/site.

You may chose to have your media kit in a document file that can be emailed upon request. This however will likely slow down the process.

What your media kit should include:

Facts and Stats

Here you should give an overview of your blog/business.

Write a brief synopsis of what your company does and why you are unique. Include your mission statement, goals and any other pertinent information about your business. You can write this in the form of “Frequently Asked Questions” or use succinct paragraphs to describe the important facts you want to convey.


List the various services you provide and the benefit for each.
You may also want to list your fees.

Use this section to give a background on your site and yourself. List areas of expertise and experience. What makes you stand out in the social media world?

Plans and Projects

You can use this to list upcoming events you may want to attend as well as current social media projects in which you are currently involved.

Contact Information

It is crucial that your media kit contain your contact information.  At the very least it should contain the email address you check most often.  You may also want to include your phone number.

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