Sponsorship {Partner With A Company You Love}

Finding Sponsorship Tips by Sara Broers

Attending a blog conference can be one of the biggest turning points in your life. From the relationships, partnerships, and life long skills that you will take away; you can be inspired to achieve greater things. Do not let the cost of the conference get in your way, reach out to form a partnership and make it happen.

Find a company that you appreciate and inspires you. It is through your passion that
you can form a partnership to do great things while attending a blog conference. Do not reach out to a company that does not interest you or fit in with your interests. Embrace something that you love and form a partnership. Now, I am sure you are asking, “How do I form that partnership?” Iʼve got a few tips that may work. Go ahead, implement them and see what happens.

• Connect with a company on any and all social media platforms.

• Support the efforts of a company that you would like to form a partnership with.

• Your proposal for forming a partnership should be sent through E-Mail. Private
message through your social media platforms to find out where the E-Mail needs to
go. Sometimes a telephone call may be your best avenue to obtain the name of the
person you need to connect with.

• Know that your first, second, third, and even fourth proposal may be rejected. For
every 10 times I have heard the word, “No” I have heard “Yes”.

• Show the company that you would like to partner with what you can offer them. Make
sure your blog and social media platforms are updated with current information.

A company will not want to partner with someone that appears lazy and uninterested.
There is no science to finding a partner for Bloggy Conference 2014. Now is the time to find the company and/or organization that you want to form a partnership with. Budgets are always changing and proposals often take time to review. By presenting realistic goals and expectations (of both parties) you can develop a partnership for Bloggy Conference 2014. And who knows, you may even find yourself a fun, freelance gig after the conference!

Iʼd love to hear who you will be partnering with while attending Bloggy Conference 2014. You can connect with me on Twitter and keep up with me at All In An Iowa Momʼs Day.

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